Bulk SMS (One for All)


In this verve of hustle and bustle it is crucial to aver your presence in just a couple of seconds which will be offered to you by us at one click of yours in reliable price. Softcron Technology brings an elucidation embracing the notions of price and time saving with Bulk SMS Servicing.

Know Your SMS


Sending & Receiving SMS from mobile is an ordinary activity these days. Texting touches nearly every phase of our lives by leaving a colossal impression on our social, personal, professional as well as romantic lives. With its comprehensive impact, and our near obsession with our cell phones, it doesn’t seem far-fetched that our texting habit is becoming very addictive.

Why Need


As marketers, we’re constantly devising creative ways to get our message out to existing and potential customers, whilst also ensuring we get virtuous consequences from our labors. One of the fundamental practices in marketing is to step into the shoes of your customers, to keep up with their buying habits and what they are looking.

Whatever your product or service is, it’s imperative to ensure that it is discernible wherever your customer goes. With a ratio now of four mobile devices to every computer, it’s clear where our customers are. Mobile marketing is no longer something you can’t afford to put on the to-do-list for the future; you need to make sure you’re on a mobile device, now.

What We Offer

So, to trounce off this problem we as a Softcron Technology provide you with complete solution using BULK SMS SERVICES. You are eligible to send social, personal, business, invitational, informational or any kind of SMS with Softcron Technology’s Bulk SMS Service using Multiple Sender IDs under one account.

We have many kind of SMS like :

  1. Normal SMS
  2. Marketing SMS
  3. Marketing Delivery SMS
  4. Transactional SMS
  5. Transactional Delivery SMS
  6. International SMS

We provide individual SMS Panel in which we have following options:-

  1. Created & Manage Account profile
  2. Compose & get Delivery Reports of SMS
  3. Domestic & International SMS
  4. Create SMS Campaigns
  5. Schedule & Periodic SMS
  6. Add, Manage Contacts & Groups
  7. Bulk Import & Export
  8. Billing Summary etc.
  9. SMS API/ SMS Gateway

In other words, you will have all the access of your SMS Panel.

What Advantage You Get


Cost effectiveness and time saving are the major advantages of sending & subscribing Bulk SMS Services by Softcron Technology. It is an affordable Messaging Service to reach maximum people & promote brands in Seconds. Moreover you will be paid for delivered SMS only.


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